Meet Our Students

Offering a tuition free education to our students is vital. Without support from sponsors, none of our students would be able to attend school. The remote location we reach is so destitute and impoverished that even the smallest amount of financial requirement causes a heavy burden.

The families we are reaching are working hard, long hours each day in fields and on mountainsides, working to simply provide the bare necessities of life to their families. Ensuring one meal a day is a struggle for many of these families, and for this reason, everything else becomes secondary.

With the support of our sponsors, we are breaking the cycle. We are empowering the youth through education and bridging the gap between simply surviving, and truly making a life. Each child you see below needs sponsorship, choose the link below any child to see what your sponsorship will provide them.


Interested in Getting More Involved?

Sponsorship is only ONE way to get involved! We cherish all relationships we build here at Passion Rescue, follow the link below to see the various ways you can be involved and make a difference.

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