Meet our on the ground staff

These team members help facilitate all areas of your trip: travel arrangements, safety, itinerary and extra activities. Their dedication to the mission extends far beyond your trip, they are committed to the overall goal and mission of our organization.

Genese (Gene) Vertus
Genese (Gene) Vertus | CEO/Founder In August of 2004, Gene was ordained as a Pastor in the same church where he served and attended since 1984. In August of 2006, Gene became Senior Pastor of Tabernacle Of Worship. In March of 2009, Gene founded PRM. In September of 2009, Gene and a couple of friends re opened the Genecoit Vertus School of Excellence and also became the Overseer of two churches in Petion-Ville, Haiti. Gene is currently enrolled at Life Christian University where he is seeking a second Bachelor degree in Pastoral Ministry and eventually hopes to hold a Master’s degree in Theology. Gene is known as “Papa Gene.”

Team Members

Joseph Clermont
Project Coordinator: Education Outreach
Joseph (Joubert) Clermont | Project Coordinator Joseph is in charge of our education program, working rigorously with our teachers in Haiti to make sure our students are performing at a high level. Joseph has worked in the school system in Haiti for over 10 years as educator and administrator. Joseph is known as “Uncle Joe.”
Derek Shane
Trip Coordinator/ Board Member
Derek Shane | Mission Trip Coordinator Derek serves a dual role at PRM; the PR/Marketing person and our Trip Coordinator. Derek is in charge of making initial contact and setting up meetings with all participants, planning an itinerary for each day, arranging translators and planning the day to day operations with Lyonel and Gene. Derek is known as the “White Haitian.”
Jen Romero
Fundraising Coordinator
Jen Reyes | Fundraising Coordinator Jen is responsible for independently conducting the day-to-day operational management and implementation of all activities pertaining to fund development and fundraising. Jen will work closely with the CEO to set goals and use metrics to make sure the goals are reached. Jen’s motivation for returning on the trips was so she could “love on the babies.”
Lyonel Vertus
Project Coordinator
Lyonel Vertus| Project Coordinator Lyonel is in charge of our Haiti operations; deals with arranging transportation, security, meals and handles all of our construction projects. Lyonel is a well known Civil Engineer in Haiti. Lyonel is known as “The Haitian Papi.”

Board Members

Keisha Smith
President: Board of Directors
As a connector and collaborative leader, Keisha uses her experience, skills and talents to bring together seemingly disparate camps towards the realization of worthy goals. Her passion has been to empower young people to change their situations, take control of their environment, and live their best life possible. Jamaican-born and raised in South Florida, Ms. Smith has given back to the community both through her personal and professional endeavors. In her spare time she enjoys volunteering, reading, dancing, travel and spending time with family and friends.
Derek Shane
VP: Board of Directors
Maggie Joseph
Board of Directors: Education Outreach
Maggie Jean-Gilles a dynamic speaker, an educator, advocate and philanthropist has worked alongside several organizations advocating for domestic Violence. The Former Mrs. Camden County America incorporated the slogan “Giving a voice to the voiceless” while competing in the Mrs. New Jersey Completion in 2009. Maggie believes that one can never get enough education and that is why she diligently went on to earn her Master’s degree at the age of 23.