Education Outreach

In 2009 The Genecoit Vertus School of Excellence re-opened with 119 students.  Today we are educating over 225 students at our tuition-free school, with over 250 students on the waiting list.  We have graduated  our second group of six graders and hoping we can continue to provide an education to them.  With your help we can continue to bring hope to the hopeless.

We have 12 dedicated teachers and a principal whose daily mission is to enhance the lives of their students and equip them for life outside of their village.


As of 2006 Haiti had a 48.7 % literacy rate, meaning that only 48.7% of the total population , age 15 and over can read and write. Passion Rescue Mission is dedicated to improving this under developed country’s educational system and greatly appreciates all of our partners and contributors. In order to continue supporting our teachers, administrators and staff, as well as offer our students a completely tuition-free education, we thank you for your donations and involvement in our mission!