Health Outreach

Haiti is the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere. There are areas of the country where the healthcare system is overburdened that most people have limited or no access healthcare. Hospitals do not exist in sufficient numbers to be easily accessible to the rural poor; many of whom have to walk an entire day only to find that the medicine his/her child needs is out of stock or they cannot afford it.  It is our goal to place a clinic in this rural, mountainous place in Haiti called Francois.  This project brings relief to those who are unable to pay for medication or get routine preventative care. PRM through its partnership with medical mission organizations has been able to bring medical missions to Francois serving student and families of the village. This project will bring relief to the unfortunate who are unable to pay for medication or get an examination performed.  With the support of our partners and friends, PRM’s goal is to build a clinic in this rural village equipped with space for examinations, reproductive health counseling, treatment center and pharmaceutical storage.