A deep and powerful leading of the heart.




A deep and powerful leading of the heart


Clear and intentional act of service….


To give of yourself to lift up another


Is a verb, means to call into action: kindness in action…

Spiritual Outreach

Spiritual Outreach   At Passion Rescue Mission, we aim to impact and ...

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Education Outreach

Education Outreach As of 2015, Haiti had a 60.7% literacy rate, meanin...

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Revive, Transform, & Thrive: Water Reservoir Project

Water Access Relief Initiative At Passion Rescue Mission we’re about...

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Make a difference

Looking for a way to make a difference?  Why don’t you join us on a life changing experience in the mission field.  You will get first hand experience volunteering at our tuition free school and partnered orphanages.

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Three Classrooms For The Kids

These intelligent beauties climb up a mountain (literally) each day to attend class at the Genecoit Vertus Schools of Excellence.  They love their school, but their classrooms are bursting at the seams.  Your support is needed please click the link below to donate!