A deep and powerful leading of the heart.




A deep and powerful leading of the heart


Clear and intentional act of service….


To give of yourself to lift up another


Is a verb, means to call into action: kindness in action…

Spiritual Outreach

Spiritual Outreach   At Passion Rescue Mission, we aim to impact and ...

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Education Outreach

Education Outreach As of 2015, Haiti had a 60.7% literacy rate, meanin...

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Revive, Transform, & Thrive: Water Reservoir Project

Water Access Relief Initiative At Passion Rescue Mission we’re about...

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Make a difference

Looking for a way to make a difference?  Why don’t you join us on a life changing experience in the mission field.  You will get first hand experience volunteering at our tuition free school and partnered orphanages.

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Water Access Relief Initiative 

Passion Rescue Mission is proud to announce that we have partnered with reVive Light Therapy® to build 5,000-gallon reservoirs for families in Haiti that are struggling to gain access to clean water and have built over 60 reservoirs so far!  

With these life changing reservoirs, the chain of poverty that binds so many families in Haiti has been loosened as water is now readily available at their home and free from water related diseases.  With the burden of collecting water lifted, children are now spending more time in school and women are exploring additional commerce opportunities for their families.  We also are seeing improved livelihoods due to the sustainable agriculture that is now possible with water availability. 

We invite you to join us as we work with reVive Light Therapy® to bring change, relief, and most importantly HOPE, through access to clean and abundant water.

Click here to learn how you can help change the future of this community.