Our Sponsors

Our Sponsors

As Passion Rescue Mission strives to provide tuition free education, daily meals, clean water access, guidance to improve the quality of life and raise people up, we have a constant need for partners on our journey. Each year we fight to keep the school open, compensate the dedicated teachers, and give the students the basic necessities of life that we all enjoy including access to clean water.    We are so thankful for our current partners and are always looking for new corporate partners to help us achieve our goals. 

Please contact us today to join in the journey of changing lives in Haiti!   

Three Classrooms For The Kids

These intelligent beauties climb up a mountain (literally) each day to attend class at the Genecoit Vertus Schools of Excellence.  They love their school, but their classrooms are bursting at the seams.  Your support is needed please click the link below to donate!